Recommended Electric Folding bikes

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Recommended Electric Folding bikes

We have created a list of recommended electric folding bikes for different budgets which you should consider if you are planning to buy one. Before we dive into, let me tell you a story.

Background story

About 4 years ago I was visiting a friend of mine in Germany. The plan was that we meet at his house and go fishing together at his favorite and of course top secret spot in the northern region. It was a nice sunny September day and everything started according to the plan. We could do an early start because his stuff was already in the trunk and we quickly loaded my gears as well in his older VW Golf.

We went around 200 kilometers when he steered off to a dirt road. I was already excited because we were getting closer, but the 10-kilometer ride on the bumpy surface was not so comfortable. And then the worst thing happened… He was also excited about the trip, that he accidentally forgot to check the fuel level. The car stopped and that was it. I quickly measured the situation: 3 more kilometers to the water and 10 kilometers back to the nearest gas station, which could take hours back and forth. Clearly, our plans collapsed for that day.

My friend felt also miserable but he did not seem to be worrying so much. With a smile on his face, he opened the trunk and pulled out a folding bike out of nowhere. I was completely amazed. It didn’t take a lot more than an hour to bring some gas and not much longer we were already in the water casting our flies.

List of Recommended Electric Folding Bikes

This trip gave me a first-hand experience how useful a folding bike can be. However, it’s better to avoid such situations, if you have space in the vehicle you may think about getting one. With today’s technology, I recommend considering electric folding bikes. They are also compact and do not require a huge space in the trunk, plus the supported pedaling is more convenient during rides.
You can park your car on the city outskirts, assemble your bike and use it to get wherever you want. Not only will you help the environment but also it’s a better feeling to roam freely the streets without the pain of traffic jams.

So let’s take a look at our electric folding bike list. We have selected pieces from different price ranges to make sure everyone finds what they are looking for. If you like our list, we encourage you to read the following article of electric folding bikes by 2kreviews. It is also an awesome post, supplemented with buyer’s guide.

So let’s get started!

Price tag below $500

1. Zaplue 16″ Folding Electric Bike

Zaplue comes with an incredible price for an electric folding bike. It is not perfect and the difference between them and the higher priced models are visible, but they are not meant to compete in that league.

In my opinion, the bike has a nice outlook which is not reflecting the low price tag. It comes in two color variants: white and black frame with green and blue stickers. The seat is removable and the height is adjustable, however, because of its compact size, it would be more suitable for shorter users. Behind the seat the 36V and 6Ah Li-ion battery is located which does not get in the way and is easily accessible, however, the downside is it’s not removable.

The 16″ double layer wheels feel robust and are perfect for the urban environment. It is also welcoming to see that the bike comes with disk brakes both on the front and the rear wheel, increasing safety during rides. The high-strength carbon steel frame feels durable and can be folded easily using the joint next to the seat pole.


Providing a maximum speed of 15 Miles per Hour ( 24 km/h), the 250W  HUB motor on the rear wheel does the job and has enough power to speed up in most situations. However it also has its limits, so if you have to go uphill frequently this may not be the best option for you.
The motor has two working modes:

  • Pedal assisted mode: standard supported pedaling mode
  • “eBike mode”: Using the throttle on the handlebar, the bike can be used without pedaling.

The battery pack provides a maximum range of 11-15 miles and also has an integrated USB port which you can use to charge your phone during riding. The complete recharge time is around 6 hours.
Zaplue has a really good bang for the buck and is definitely recommended.

Learn more about Zaplue electric folding bike!

Price tag between $500-$1000

2. Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Foldaway Bike

Cyclamatic CX2 is a standard electric folding bike which offers awesome specs for the price. It is a perfect choice if you would like to use it for commuting or to pack in the car and take it with yourself on trips.

The bike has a nice white/silver colored frame which looks great with the black additional parts. The seat is adjustable with a maximum height of 33″ (84cm) providing a flexibility for every type of rider. Directly behind the seat, the easily accessible battery is dominating the overall outlook with its size.

The low profiled body makes it easy to step through and the fitted rack makes it possible to carry additional stuff with you.
It has a sturdy 20″ steel frame which is quite durable but it comes at the price of a higher overall weight which is 57 lb (~26kg) and also highlighted in user reviews. Because of that, it may be more suitable for users who do not have to carry it around frequently. Thanks to its compact folded size (33″ (L) x 18″ (W) x 25″ (H)) it will not take much space in your trunk.


After unpacking the bike it is really easy to assemble, takes no more than several minutes. The relatively high capacity (8.8Ah) battery pack provides a maximum range of 30 miles and the 250W HUB motor supports your pedaling up to 15 MPH with 3 selectable assist modes. In everyday situations especially when it comes to folding bikes, you usually don’t need more than that. With the 6-speed Shimano gears, you can easily adapt to the changing environment.
Charging time varies on current battery level but it does not take more than 6 hours to completely recharge the pack.

Learn more about Cyclamatic CX2!

3. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

Adding $80 more to the budget, we are arriving at the Ancheer electric folding bike. It looks at the first glance, that the bike is well equipped with extra features and the overall build quality is on the next level.

Ancheer Electric Folding bike comes only with white frame and black handlebar. There is no option for customization but we think it suits most people.
The bike’s frame has been cleverly designed as it covers the battery completely, giving it an almost non-electrical bike look. It is handy for a removable battery, because it makes them hardly accessible for others, while it can easily be reached by the user if the frame is collapsed. Front and rear mud protectors, rack and headlight are coming together with the bike. Also, a minimal indicator has been placed on the handlebar, which gives information about the current assistance mode and battery power level.


The aluminum frame is quality made and also weighs less than steel, which results in an overall weight less than 20kg. As usual at this price level, the bike has a 250W HUB motor with a maximum speed of 15mph (25km/h). As the environment changes, riders can change between full electric, electrically assisted and non assisted modes for maximum flexibility. Li-ion battery pack with 36V 8A specification allows a maximum range of 15-30 mile (25-50km) depending on the terrain. As mentioned above, the battery pack is removable, making it possible to recharge separately from the bike. The complete recharge takes about 6 hours.

Learn more about ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike!

If you are looking for electric folding bike for more rough terrain, we recommend ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike!

Price tag between $1000-$2000

4. Addmotor Motan M-150

Fat tire bikes are quite popular nowadays and I am pretty sure some of you would prefer fatties with a folding design. In this price range, fortunately, we have found a really good ebike. Actually, this bike was our favorite among all of this list.
So as always, let’s start with the design. Currently, four color variants are available to choose from but the frame is black in every case. The custom colors appear on the wheels and the back of the seat and they are really popping out of the black base, giving the bike a really cool outlook.

From the design point of view, the bike is really classical, the two fat Kenda tires and the battery pack are definitely dominating. Personally, I didn’t quite like the Addmotor logo on the side, for me its too old school looking.

AddMotor Motan is a perfect all-rounder bike, which you can use for your every day commuting, riding in sand and snow or just simple countryside exploring. The folding design makes it easy to pack it into your car and take it wherever you would like to go.
The sturdy buildup makes it an ideal option for heavier riders as well as it can carry adults up to 300lbs. With a collapsible top-tube, frame, and pedals the bike is easily portable and folding it only takes 10 seconds.


The bike comes with a 5 inch LCD display showing information about battery level, mileage, and speed. The headlight can be controlled from here and the screen has night/day mode as well. USB 2.0 connection is also available.
The battery has a 48V system with 10.4Ah capacity provided by Samsung Li-ion cells in a sealed removable pack. It packs enough power for a 55-mile long trip, but the maximum range varies on assist level and type of terrain. Since we are above the $1000 mark, the 500W motor can be expected on the bike. It has a maximum speed limit of 23 MPH but has enough power to climb the hills easily and to conquer the beach.

For a more comfortable ride, a 7 speed Shimano transmission system has been installed and the 160mm Tektro disk brakes are making sure you will stop when you want.

Overall the Addmotor Motan M-150 is really a fun bike with a powerful motor, which can be packed easily in your car. It’s definitely recommended!

Learn more about Addmotor Motan M-150!

5. Prodeco Phantom X2

Prodeco Phantom X2 is a ‘full size’ 26-inch electric folding bike made in the USA. It has a standard bicycle size which is not limiting the rider in any way. Although it may not be so compact as the previous bikes on our list, the folding design helps to minimize storage size.
From design’s point of view, this is our favorite bike on the list. The matte black finish with the red/white logo gives a stylish outlook, while the continuously bending frame makes it unique.

The high-quality ZXR Magnesium front suspension (120mm) is minimizing shocks on rough terrain, making the ride more comfortable. On the handlebar which is adjustable, you can find the integrated battery level indicator.
At first glance, it may look like, that the frame may not be so stable, especially with the narrow middle section, but it is made of high-quality aluminum to maximize durability and minimize weight. Of course, it’s not designed for downhill racing, but for general usage on dirt roads it’s a perfect choice.


SRAM X7 8 speed shifter and derailleur makes shifts really fast and the Avid BB7 disk brakes provide incredible stopping power. Powered by a 12Ah LiFePO4 24 cell battery, the 500W rear Direct drive motor supports up to 20mph for around 38 miles with one charge. It is not the fastest or longest lasting bike on the market, but the high-end component package results in a balanced enjoyable ride.
Recommended for longer commuting and countryside trips. Just take it out of the trunk, assemble it in a minute and you can enjoy your full value electric bike.
Learn more about Prodeco Phantom X2!

We hope you liked our list and we could give you some ideas. If you have any other ebike which should be on the list, share with us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to think about security. You can read more about the choosing the right lock in our article: ‘The best bike locks and buying guide‘.

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