OjO – Adult Electric Moped introduction

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OjO – Adult Electric Moped introduction

Are you looking for an electric commuting vehicle but you are not fond of classic electric bikes and Adult Electric Scooters? Looking something that looks cool and unique but still has an affordable price? Read on, I’m sure you will find our post interesting.

As you may have read our comparison of electric vehicles, you have seen we have sorted them into 3 general categories:

  • Electric Bicycles
  • Electric Scooters
  • Electric Mopeds

Now there are also products which are kind of a mixture of these classes. Today we are here to introduce you OjO Scooters, which stands somewhere between an electric scooter and a moped. Furthermore, OjO is in official partnership with Ford!

When I first found OJO, I was amazed by its unique look, which in fact is quite divisive. You will either love it or hate it.  I personally really liked it as the minimalist design instantly caught my eye and it’s not just that. Watching their introduction video I had the feeling they are not only created a cool product but they are doing something which every people loves:


They are building a community around it.


Just take a look at the most popular products today. For example, the engineers at Apple are making a fantastic work designing their phones, but the main reason so many people are buying them because they will be part of a community. I hope OjO adult electric moped will gain popularity in a long term, as it has some future potential as well.


Let’s take a look at the scooter’s appearance. This is definitely not a general looking product which you will see every day on the streets. The first thing you can notice is that the scooter’s body is one continuous line. There are no ugly connections, only a beautifully shaped body starting from the handlebars and ending at the rear wheel.

The frame is made out of lightweight aluminum which is fully welded and covered with automotive ABS grade plastic fairings. As a result of this combination of materials is a clean, luxurious look with a highly durable body.

As I have already mentioned, the riding deck is part of the core body, there is no separation at all. It has a nice curve running from the front wheels to the end of the deck. The stepping area is treaded which offers a good grip for your feet and makes it safe to travel. Believe me, you can have a really nasty fall with any kind of scooter if your foot is slipping off the deck.. This feature is sometimes overlooked but for safety reasons it’s indispensable.

If we are looking at the back of the deck, we can find the removable seat, which also shares the same clean design as the rest of the body. The height is adjustable and the seat is completely removable which makes it comfortable in any positions, furthermore giving you the possibility to use it as a standard standing scooter. There is also an optional rear storage accessory available which is really convenient in everyday situations.Adult Electric Scooter

Digital dashboard

In the middle of the handlebar, you can find a special capacitive touchscreen with a non-glare surface. With it, you can switch between speed modes, control the headlights and the audio system. The digital dashboard also provides information on trip time, mileage, and battery life along with notifications for incoming calls and riding related data. This feature also distinguishes OJO from other electric scooters, as I usually would expect to have this kind of centralized control on premium electric bikes or electric mopeds.


Adult Electric Scooter


The scooters are designed mainly for city commuting. With that in mind, both the suspension and the wheels have to be durable to withstand the shocks caused by the bad quality surface. I can assure you, OJO adult electric moped does not make a compromise on that at all. The motorcycle grade all-weather tires give you confidence during the ride. Tires are tubeless and have a recommended pressure of 30 PSI. You can also get replacements directly from the supplier.

Both the front and the rear wheels are equipped with disk brakes which is nice to see because a quick and controlled stopping power is a must-have in city traffic. I really hate that lots of electric scooters offer under powered braking systems and makes them unusable in some situations.


Adult Electric Scooter

Riding performance

Battery pack

The scooters come with a 48 V Li-ion battery pack, which packs enough power to ride for 25 miles. OjO did not share other specifications of the battery pack, but according to the user reviews the specified range is true and even more was achieved by some of them. For the price range, you may expect more range, but the question is do you really need it? If you live more than 15-20 miles from your workplace, an electric bike would be a better choice for commuting.



The charging system of OjO has been cleverly designed. You can find a small plug sign on the front of the scooter. By pushing it, the lid will open and you can pull out the plug and the retractable power cord. That’s right! You only need to park next to a power outlet and connect your own cord to charge the battery. This on-board charger is OjO’s own patented technology, which makes it very convenient when cruising the streets.


Adult Electric Scooter

Electric Motor

The scooter is supplied with a 500W HyperGear electric HUB motor, which has enough power to reach a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. As I already mentioned above, OjO adult electric moped was designed for city commuting and the 20 MPH speed limit lets you drive it on the bike lanes as well without any special license requirement. According to user reviews, thanks to the 500W motor OjO can handle up and downhills really well.

Users can choose from three speed limits which can be controlled through the touchscreen.

Extra Features


So far I loved the quality and the performance, but there is more: For this price tag, users will also receive some extra features.


OjO has integrated dual speakers in the front panel, which lets you listen to your favorite music while on the go to work. You can simply connect your phone via Bluetooth to the scooter and turn up the volume. If you prefer not to share your music with other people on the road, the Bluetooth connection will be useful as notifications will appear on the screen if you have a call.


I have to say, OjO has set pretty high-security standards for future e-vehicles. OjO users get a wireless security key, which is needed for initiating rides. The key can also be used to locate their scooter and turning on and off the security system.

OjO comes with a built-in motion activated alarm system which cannot be disabled and can be used to deter unwanted attention when powered down in locked mode.

Adult Electric ScooterIn conclusion, OjO scooters deliver a powerful riding experience and great quality with premium design. It is a perfect choice for those, who need a reliable scooter for commuting in the city and tired by the mass products on the market. You will look good and you will feel good! International Ford OjO can be ordered in April/May of 2018.

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