Welcome to eMobility Headquarters! I would like to introduce ourselves, the website’s purpose and what do we stand for.

First of all, let me talk about myself. My name is David, I am the admin and author of eMobilityHQ and an electrical engineer from Europe who has a great passion for electrical drives and alternative transportation methods. As a late 80’s child, I have witnessed an incredibly fast-paced development of technology and it always fascinated me. During my University studies and in the last 10 years I was happy to see how new technologies are tending to create alternative, electrically powered mobility devices. I’ve always wanted to play a role in this process, that’s how the idea of this website was born.

I have worked several years in the emobility business as hardware and software developer engineer and project manager, which gave me an incredible experience. As a part of the development team, I have seen how we can create a better product year by year, while we were able to push our costs down. I have seen the smiles of our customers who tried out electric bikes and scooters for the first time.

After my change to a new workplace and different market, I have felt something is missing. That was the point I decided to create a website where I can share my passion with everybody. If you have already checked our site you have already seen that currently, we have four sections: Electric bikes, Hoverboards, Electric Scooters and Electric Mopeds. Currently, these are the categories in which I would like to share valuable content with you, but in the future, it’s possible to expand it even more.

Our Vision


We would like to spread the word about clean transportation technologies and to make a more green and clean environment by doing so. Just looking at the trends in the automotive industry it is clear for us, that electric mobility is the future technology of transportation. There are already millions of cars in the streets which are not only polluting the air but taking valuable space as well. Either you live in a crowded city or in a smaller town, you have experienced how annoying the traffic jams and the always full parking lots can be. Just imagine having a clean and fast way of transportation which will even save you some money in a long term. Sounds good, right?

Electric bike Vision

Either you are interested in having an electric bike to contribute to a cleaner future or just to have fun (it really is a great fun!), we can only encourage you to do so.

If you are still not convinced I can assure you, that with today’s technology these vehicles are viable options for your every day commuting as well. You may hear bad things about false advertised ranges or overheating batteries, but if you are not buying the first product on eBay without background and you are willing to gather some information in advance (which our website can provide), you will find a wide selection of quality made vehicles.
Also, one big advantage compared to electric cars is that you don’t need dedicated charge stations. In most cases, you can simply take the battery – or the whole rig –  with you and charge at home or in your office.


About eMobilityHQ


The main purpose of the website is to collect and share valuable information with you if you are interested in electric vehicles. Whether you are interested in buying an electric vehicle or you would like to read the latest news about them, you will find the content which suits your needs.

Our Basics and Buyer’s guide sections have been created separately for the different categories for easier navigation. Here you can learn more about the fundamentals of electric powered transportation which will help you identify what type of vehicle is the perfect choice for you.
In our blog section you can read about the latest news and my personal thoughts about them, posts about new and already established brands and product reviews.

Affiliate disclosure

affiliate marketing

In our posts, you may find external links to specific items where you can directly purchase them. Please also note that our site is part of affiliate networks, which generates income after every purchase made through our affiliate links. This income helps us to keep going and to provide up to date quality content for you.

If you have decided to purchase a reviewed (or any other) bike or scooter, it would be greatly appreciated if you would do it through our links. In some cases, you can also expect discounts this way.
Important to note, that we are only working with trustworthy partners where you can expect great service and customer support. If any problem occurs with one of our partners, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help and support you.



We hope that you will find our website valuable and you will check back frequently. If you have any remarks or feedback, please let us know by writing us an email to

Go green, go ePowered!






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