Electric Scooter Maintenance [How-to Guide]

Electric Scooter Maintenance


The winds are constantly changing! Today, the more we advance, the more dependent on scooters. Electric scooters are designed to many advantages as compared to traditional fuel-operated bikes and scooters. These scooters present a great way to move around. However, if you don’t take proper care, then they can end up giving you more trouble thus costing a lot in terms of maintenance costs. It doesn’t necessarily matter the electric scooter model that you’ve bought, even if you buy the best models today, you’ll still have to maintain the scooter on a regular basis to guarantee optimal capability of the scooter. Without regular electric scooter maintenance and check-ups, you might end up forking out a lot of money to repair your electric scooter later on repairs.

Electric Scooter Maintenance

Remember, moving parts are always susceptible to friction damages over time, tires might lose pressure whereas the batteries might have lessened longevity due to improper charging. Therefore, finding a high-quality electric scooter model for your personal needs is just half the battle; maintaining that scooter in a working condition is the remaining half. If you are planning to buy an electric scooter, then don’t worry because we’ve done all the work for you. Below is a comprehensive  how-to guide on electric scooter maintenance:


Knowing your electric scooter well


First and foremost, for you to maintain your scooter, you must know your electric scooter model in details. As the owner, you ought to know it more than any other person. When you start feeling that something isn’t right while riding, then take all the necessary precautions to do further investigations and resolve that particular issue. Just like other vehicles, your scooter has to be maintained on a regular basis so as to function properly.


Keep Records Of Your Electric Scooter Details


Electric Scooter Maintenance

Before you start any electric scooter maintenance procedure, it’s highly recommended that you take photos of wiring harnesses, battery connections as well as serial numbers. This will include; the position of wires and marking spacers. You can decide to use a pen/paper for recording this information for reference purposes during the maintenance procedures.


It can be of great importance to take photos of these parts as it will make it easy to learn how you can reconnect the wires as well as where to route the wiring harnesses. You should use a pen/paper when disassembling the wheels so as to mark spaces and their specific locations. You should mark the positioning of adjusters and bolts to make the reassembling process quite easy.


Battery Maintenance


Batteries are a very important part of all electric scooters. Without good batteries, then you won’t go far. You should always use the manufacturer’s approved battery chargers. The charger ought to have a gauge or indicator light that tells you when the battery is fully-charged. Don’t ever leave the battery in your charger after it’s been charged. This might cause damages to the battery.


In case you notice that your scooter battery no longer holds the same charge or it doesn’t last as it used to, then this means that the battery is getting older. You’ll have to replace the battery. In addition, you should pay close attention to corrosion or chemicals that might leak from the battery. In case you happen to notice any leakages, then replace that battery immediately. Also, if you see corrosion on battery connectors or the terminals, clean off the corrosion.


Remember to always charge the battery after it has cooled off. This shall help to extend its lifespan.

Over time, your battery will lose capacity and eventually you can’t use them anymore. However, there may be a chance you can revive your older battery back. It’s not working in every case, but you should give it a try since it could save you a lot of money. Sgscooter’s awesome article of How to Revive E-Scooter Battery will walk you through the necessary steps.

Avoid Riding Scooters On The Wet Surfaces


Electric Scooter Maintenance

Just as their name suggests, the electric scooters consist of various electric components that might fail when exposed to water. As such, do not take your electric scooter to any muddy surface, wet grass or even watery grounds. Electric scooters are generally meant for use on dry hard surfaces.


Riding electric scooters on wet surfaces might damage their electrical components. Besides causing failures of electrical parts, water usually exposes the electric scooter to rust. To avoid rusting, you should wipe down the chrome pieces.

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 Regular cleaning


Regular cleaning of the electric scooter will aid you in keeping debris, dust, and dirt from coming in contact with the engine. When these particles get in contact with the engine they might interfere with the motor. Regular cleaning will help in ensuring that all the mechanical parts of the bike are properly moving, without them grinding against one another or even blocking of the chain. The electric scooter should, therefore, be washed once or even twice per week.


When cleaning the scooter, avoid the use of stream of water or a hosepipe. Cleaning with the two methods may increase the risk, that high-pressure water might penetrate the cover sealing the electrical equipment and even wear them down. That’s very disadvantageous as it may lead to wet and exposed electrical systems, which will then stop working. Clean the model with the use of a low-pressure stream of water or just a wet rag. After cleaning, ensure that you dry electric scooter off.


Lubricating Electric Scooter


Electric Scooter Maintenance

Just like vehicles and bikes, do not forget to oil the electric scooter. The moving parts on this model like the brake linkages, throttle and scooter require lubrication. You should always apply the right lubricant on your scooter. You should refer to the scooter’s manual for proper lubricant type of oil.


After oiling, you must clean the surface from the excess. This is because dirt plus oil will lead to fouling of the chain or linkage.




There are high chances of using an electric scooter that has a brushless direct current motor. On prolonged use of the electric scooter on uneven ground, the gear of the motor found inside the motor hub may loosen with time. This will result in the DC motor losing power each time the electric scooter is ridden over a bump. If you have already experienced such issues, you should look for an electric scooter technician to help you in tightening of the motor gear. It is recommended that you change the motor gear every two years.


Park in shade


When parking your electric scooter, you should park it in a shade to prevent it from extreme temperature exposure; either cold or hot and rain. When you do that, you will be protecting the e-scooter from sunlight, dust and moisture thus minimizing the scooter damage. The Li-ion battery used by most e-scooter doesn’t work well at extremely high temperatures. The high temperatures shorten the durability of the battery. If you can’t ensure to hold off your scooter from direct sunlight, you can also cover it with a reflecting cover.


Tire Pressure


It’s important to monitor the tire pressure often. This is because very low pressure on the tire can make the scooter to overwork in moving thus resulting in premature wearing out of the tires.

Electric Scooter Maintenance

The pressure of the tire can be checked by the use of your fingers. This can be done by pressing the tire with your fingers. The pressure of the tire should be checked thoroughly. Also, you can use the basic pressure gauge to check the pressure of the tire. The pressure gauges are affordable and invaluable tools used in maintenance. If you don’t want to pay for a pressure gauge, you can also go to the nearest gas station for a quick check. To have the correct pressure, always check the manual for the optimal values. You need to fill the tires up by either a compressor or an air pump up to the specified limit by the manufacturer.


Small tires lose pressure more often. When you detect a leak on your tire, you should spray it carefully with soapy water. You should be keen not to overspray the electric wires or the motor. Rising bubbles from the tire are an indication of a leak.

Chain and Belt Maintenance



It’s crucial for the drive chain or the drive belt to have enough balance when in use. Loose belts can lead to wearing and slipping at a very high rate leading to excessive heating. Therefore, you should ensure they are not too tight or too loose.

Brake pads


You should have a good look on the brake pads every few weeks. This will help you see how they are holding up. It is necessary to have very effective brakes or you can encounter a severe accident. The brake pads on the electric scooter can cheaply and easily be replaced when necessary. It’s also a good idea (as most of the spare parts) to have them on stock at home. This way you will be ready when an exchange is needed.


Final Thoughts


Electric scooters are swiftly becoming the most popular mode of personal transportation. The scooters have a history of varied reception from consumers but the recent improvements in their battery technology have made them to be more practical. As such, understanding the basics of electric scooter maintenance will certainly help to guarantee top performance, lasting convenience and safe operation for several years to come. By following our electric scooter maintenance guideline, you can be assured of using your electric scooter for a long period of time without major repairs. Enjoy your ride!


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