The best electric mountain bikes – 2018

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Electric mountain bike selection – January

Although the market season of bicycle industry will start in spring, with the beginning of new year lots of people would like to invest more time for hobbies and to lead a healthier lifestyle. By doing so, you may be also among those who are in a search for electric bicycles. Starting today, this month I will cover the most searched categories of electric bikes in separate posts. The posts will contain a list of our recommendations for different budget levels.
Today we will cover the all-purpose electric mountain bikes and also let you know where you can buy them. The following bikes are the new models of Haibike and Cube for 2018. You should also check last year’s models on the website for discounts.

Our links are currently leading to a UK retailer with international shipping, but soon we will add contacts for US customers as well.



Best electric mountain bikes at budget mark $2200


Cube Acid Hybrid One


The Acid Hybrid One is a great entry level electric bike from the well-known Cube company. The bike at first glance looks simple, yet beautiful. The minimalistic Cube design is really strong, the manufacturer could be identified even without the logo. The bike comes in two colors: an elegant dark grey/black and a vivid yellowish green.
Two frame variants are available of course, both for men and women.

The Acid Hybrid One is a quality made bicycle which is designed for everyday use. Cube classifies this bike as Category 3, which means it meant for riding on ways like:

  • Tarmac roads and bicycle routes
  • ways paved by gravel, sand or similar materials (e.g.  re road, dirt road)
  • paved and non-paved hiking trails where roots, thresholds, rocks, and drops are more often

That means, it aims for people who would like a universal bike both for commuting and touring, but also have the possibility to go off-road with it. Although this bike is not meant for extreme rides, in its category according to the user reviews of 2017’s model, it mostly handles everything whatever you throw at it.

The complete rig weights 21,8 kg in total which is not the lowest on the market but for this price range it is a great deal. The bike frame is completely made of Aluminium and is double butted for increased durability.

The motor is a Bosch Active Plus line, which offers 50Nm torque and a top speed of 25 km/h. The bike is selectable with either 400Wh or 500Wh Bosch battery packs, depending on your needs. This is a great combination and for the above-mentioned rides, it will deliver a fantastic performance and will give you a really good experience. The 400Wh battery is rated up to 85 miles (136km) and the 500Wh up to 105 miles (169 km) of maximum distance. Keep in mind, that with high-level assistance the expected distance will be lower.

The 9-speed Shimano shifter and derailleur is not a surprise in this price segment. They will do their job, but for more advanced usage they may be changed over time to more responsive, better constructions. If you are a general user you will be satisfied with them for a long time.

The Shimano BR-M315 Hydraulic Disk brakes are also from the cheaper segments and the same can be applied as for the shifter. It will make you stop, but for more stopping power or more reliable operation, a change to a better solution shall be considered.

Order Cube Acid Hybrid One here! If you are looking for more power at this segment, you should also consider Cube Reaction Hybrid one, which is pretty much the same bike but with Boch Performance CX motor for bigger speed and torque.


Best electric mountain bikes at budget mark $4000


In between the two budget levels, there are several nice bikes to consider. We recommend checking Haibike SDURO HARDLIFE 4.0, Cube Access Hybrid Race or Hybrid SL.



At this price point, a full suspension e-MTB by Haibike also fits into the budget. Haibike is producing one of the best quality bikes in the world and they usually have a higher price tag. Considering the brand and the usability, the Sduro Fullseven LT comes at a really good price and should be definitely checked.

The bike comes with a black frame with vibrant yellow design elements, which pops out and looks great. The motor and the battery is dominating the general picture, but since the brand name is flowing from the battery to the frame it creates a unified compact look.

The weight of the bike is not so bad for a full suspension configuration. Thanks to the 6061 Aluminium frame the overall weight is 22,6 kg.

The Fullseven LT is considered the base model at Haibike, but with the full suspension which offers 150mm of travel, it suits a wider range of riding styles. It is aiming for regular bicycle riders who would like to expand their limits with the assistance of the Yamaha mid drive motor.

The bike is powered by Yamaha PW-SE e-bike system, which offers up to 280% of assistance and peaks at 70Nm of torque. The 250W motor assists up to 25km/h and comes with five assistance levels. The 400Wh battery provides a maximum distance of 80 miles (128km), with the 500Wh battery it goes up to 100 miles (160km)

The bike is featuring SRAM NX 11 shifter system, which allows the rider for more flexible usage. The M285 Tektro brakes are not designed for races (and also not the entire bike), but for recreational activities, the stopping power will be enough for you.

The new model of 2018 offers 150mm front and rear suspension by Suntour. The front suspension can be locked out and both are air adjustable for the weight of the rider.

You can order the HAIBIKE SDURO FULLSEVEN LT 4.0 here!


Best electric mountain bikes at budget mark $10.000


In between the two budget levels, you can check the Cube Stereo Hybrid 140TM or the Haibike SDURO FULLSEVEN 8.0



Haibike_2018_XDURO_FullSeven_Carbon_90Fullseven Carbon 9.0 bikes are considered the mid-range in the carbon range. Its the perfect electric bike for cross country, marathon and everyday mountain biking. If you are thinking about taking your weekend trips to a next level, this can be an optimal choice for you.

Two types of color palettes are available, black-red-black and black-red-gray. Both versions look stunning and thanks to the design, the battery, and the motor nicely blend in the overall outlook.

The bike has Carbon UD Monocoque frame and thanks to that, the total weight is just below 20 kilograms which makes it easy to use especially in long runs or tricky situations.

Featuring Fox Float 120 mm front fork and Fox Float DPS Rear shock both from the performance line, the rider can lock out, ride fully open or use a mid-stage mode thanks to the Dual Piston System. The suspension is fully adjustable, making it easy to customize it to the rider’s needs. The Bosch CX Performance line motor offers up to 300% assistance and a maximum of 75Nm torque, which allows the rider to climb really steep hills with ease.

The 500Wh battery provides 80 miles (128 km) maximum range at the lowest assistance level. The Fullseven Carbon 9.0 also includes an eMTB mode, which allows the system itself to determine the assistance level for the ride.

Tha Magura MT5 brakes are providing a great stopping power in every situation. The Shimano XT8000 shift system together with the motor offers a really flexible riding style and expands the possibilities of every rider.

If you are also interested in more professional models, you should check out Fullseven Carbon 10.0 electric bikes, which offers electric shift systems as well.

You can order and get more information about HAIBIKE XDURO FULLSEVEN CARBON 9.0 here.

If you are interested in electric city bikes, stay tuned for our new post, where we will round up the best pieces you can buy for your daily trips in the city!

Write us a comment about your selection of electric mountain bikes in these price ranges.  If you have decided to buy an electric bike in 2018, you are already on a good track! Here you can find a lot more to choose from. They are a UK based shop, but they ship internationally, so check out the best electric mountain bikes in 2018!

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