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StreetSaw Hoverboards

Today I would like to introduce you Streetsaw Hoverboards. Streetsaw company has been founded in 2015 in Las Vegas, which means they joined the business at one of the best times. As the popularity of hoverboards increased and still increasing today, they have gathered a solid experience from the beginning in selling hoverboards made with great quality and a pretty cool design. Today you can find 50 types of hoverboards in their store, covering every need.

What I can tell you about them, they really know what they are doing. You can expect a really friendly and supportive customer service, free shipping in the US above $350 and most importantly one of the best hoverboards for the money.

What I found exceptional is, they are not only offering a repair service but also a guideline how to fix your board on your own. This means you can also get every replacement part from them for a great price and spare hundreds of bucks on repair service. In my opinion, that’s a pretty unique nowadays, when lots of companies are trying to rip you off with planned obsolescence and extremely expensive spare parts.

If you are not familiar with their products, we have made a list of our recommendations for you. Depending on your price range we will guide you through some really neat boards. You can also find more information here about pros and cons of hoverboards at different price points.

FutureSaw 6.5 Inch Hoverboard With Bluetooth


StreetSaw Hoverboard

Build up and design

First, let’s take a look at the appearance. The design is simple but still eye-catching and since you can choose from 6 unique colors, you will definitely find one which suits your taste.  Personally, our favorite was the so-called Glacier White. On the front side, you can find two LED lights which not only ensures your visibility but also helps you identify obstacles as it is casting light up to 6.5 feet in front of the rider during operation.

Behind the cover, the board features a really strong and light chassis made from high-density magnesium alloy, which offers a maximum capacity of 285 pounds or 120 kilograms. You can be sure that if you are below the upper mark, you can use the full potential of the board. However, if you are above it, we recommend choosing one of the bigger models which we will cover later on.

The overall buildup is quality made and offers an IP 54 protection. A small and unexpected rain may not be a problem, but don’t use it under wet circumstances for long.

Speed and range

The FutureSaw 6.5 comes with one 350W motor on each side which lets you climb slopes up to 30° degrees according to the specification but don’t expect to have a high speed by doing so and especially not a high overall range.

On a flat surface, the top speed is 20 km/h and a maximum range of 20 kilometers, which can be doable and should be enough for most of the users. However, if you would like to use your board at full speed on a slopey terrain, you can generally expect less.
The board is powered by a 158.4 Wh battery pack with high-quality Samsung cells, which can offer roughly 5-6 hours of usage and can be charged in 90 minutes.


Overall we think FutureSaw 6.5 is focusing on those who only start their journey with hoverboards, but taking into consideration the build quality and extra possible features, it can be a great choice for everyone with the purpose of normal daily usage. At the current price of $450, LED lighting and dual HD speakers with Bluetooth, it is one of the best choices on the market.

Order it here, directly from the manufacturer!


StabilitySaw 10 inch HoverboardStreetSaw Hoverboard

Build up and design

Compared to the FutureSaw 6.5 the wheels are huge. This hoverboard has 10-inch wheels, which makes it much easier for off-road riding. Stones, gravel, grass should not be a problem with this board.  The tires are also inflatable, which means you can adjust the tire pressure for your needs with a regular motorcycle pump. It comes really handy when you are going on a rocky surface, as it gives you a little suspension support which helps you with balancing and overall comfort.

The hoverboard comes with six selectable colors containing plain white, blue and black carbon fiber. The other three has more of a street art pattern which also looks really good. As I like to stick with the simpler colors, my personal pick would be the black carbon fiber pattern.

In this hoverboard, you will find the same magnesium alloy chassis as in the FutureSaw 6.5 and the maximum capacity is also the same here.

At the bottom of the product page, you can see a review video which clearly shows the capabilities, and also how sturdy the buildup is.

Speed and range

The same 350W motors have been used as in the smaller versions, but here you will get a lower maximum speed of 18 km/h, and a higher maximum range (25 kilometers).  The lower speed is not a disadvantage at all, especially if you are using it mainly off the road. The bumpy surface will make you reduce your speed anyways. The 25 km range is a big plus, in my opinion, it will let you have several hours of fun.

The battery capacity is 158.4 Wh, which will be enough for most people’s needs.


As an extra, you also receive a remote control for your board, which can be useful in certain situations. Locking your board does not prevent anyone from stealing it, but it prevents people to use it without your presence.

In general, the main difference between the StabilitySaw and the FutureSaw is the size and the off-road capabilities. Hoverboards with this high buildup can often cost you more than a $1000, so the $750 price tag is really a great deal.
If you are looking for a light vehicle for commuting and you have to cross some parks on the way to work, StabilitySaw 10 will do its job and you will be satisfied with it.

Order it here, directly from the manufacturer!


RockSaw All-terrain

StreetSaw Hoverboard

Build up and design

Our personal favorite so far. The 8.5-inch wheels are fairly smaller than on StabilitySaw, but the overall outlook is much more serious. We can even imagine a nice muddy track and this board will get you through it without you getting wet. The RockSaw only comes in one color, which may be a problem for some.
You can find LED lights on the back and the front as well, providing perfect lighting especially when you are on a surface with dents and rocks.

The IP 54 dust and water protection are not better than the other hoverboards we have recommended, but it will still do the job perfectly. You can’t go wrong with RockSaw as it’s one of the best StreetSaw hoverboard!


Speed and range

The RockSaw comes with two pieces of 400W motors, one mounted on each side. Overall the 800W power shall give you enough torque in the hardest situations as well. It will climb 30° degree slopes with ease, even when the surface is not smooth. As an off-road hoverboard, high top speeds cannot be expected, but if you want to use it off the road, you are not likely to use the maximum of 15 km/h.
The RockSaw has the same battery system by default as the previous boards but with bigger motors, that’s why the maximum range has been dropped to 15 kilometers.

Overall, we think the RockSaw is not for the common audience. If you are looking for an affordable hoverboard with excellent off-road capabilities, then it may be a good choice for you. The higher price and the higher weight may not worth it for some, but in general, we loved this beast.

For $800 we recommend this board if you are interested you can Order it here, directly from the manufacturer!

If you are looking for boards with a lower budget

The cheapest StreetSaw Hoverboard starts at around $300. For this price range, you have two options. If you want to have a good deal and don’t give much about aesthetics, you can find a pretty good deal among used and pre-owned boards. The stock and the variates are not visible on the site, but you can always write them an email with some specifics to find out if there is something for you. These boards come in an as-is condition, which means you should not expect a perfect outlook but you can be sure that all the flaws will be communicated to you and the price will be set accordingly.

Your other option at this price range would be the clearance offers where you can also find some good deals, mostly among older types which have been left in stock. If you want to save some bucks I recommend you to check out these opportunities.

If you have found our list useful we recommend you to check StreetSaw’s website for further more products and information. If you have actually owned one of these, or you have some extra information which could be useful for others, please leave a comment below.

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